11 Best Mattress Available In India (With Buyer’s Guide)

Many of us often find ourselves tossing and turning on our beds at night. We have a hard time falling asleep, despite having a long and tiring day. We blow the whistle on external noise, an overactive mind, our light-sleeping nature, or the room temperature for waking up feeling under-slept and not so well-rested. But have you ever considered that the reason you may not be getting sound sleep on a regular basis, could be a bad quality mattress?

Thanks to digitalization, apart from those 8 hours that we spend sleeping on our beds, we now also spend extra time catching up on shows on Netflix or simply checking social media right on the bed. And for those of us who suffer from neck or back aches, a wrong choice of mattress can make it ten times worse. This makes it even more important for the mattress to be comfortable.

By ensuring a good-night’s sleep and more comfort, a good mattress indirectly leads to an overall better health, more productivity, and better focus throughout the day. So how do we know which mattress is good, or right, for us?

Given the variety of mattresses available out there, finding a suitable one can be quite challenging. Therefore, we’ve ransacked the market and rounded up the best ones, catering to different needs and budgets. Additionally, we have also made a buying guide, including all the aspects that one must remember before purchasing a mattress.

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Our List of the Best Mattresses in India

1. SleepyCat Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress (78 X 72 X 6 Inches):

SleepyCat mattresses are the country’s first ever mattresses to be delivered in a compact box and they’re quite a hot favorite online.

Their Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam mattress is ideal for anyone suffering from back aches. That said, it is actually ideal for anyone and everyone who prefers a memory foam mattress for better support and contouring of the body. It is comfortable, yet firm enough to offer proper body alignment while relieving pressure points.

This particular mattress is made up of 4 different layers – gel memory foam (therapeutic layer), high-density foam, breezy inner cover, and an ultra premium outer cover. The 1st layer ensures even distribution of body weight while getting rid of excess heat that you usually get with memory foam. The 2nd layer provides added support and a higher durability; the 3rd layer keeps protects the foam while allowing ample air circulation. And the 4th layer is meant for keeping the mattress away from dust and allergens. It also has a zipper so you can remove it easily for washing and cleaning.

The best part about SleepyCat mattresses is that they offer a 30-nights free trial period to let you decide whether it is suitable for you. If not, you get all your money back. Aside from this, you also get a 10-year warranty in case of any defect.

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2. Wake-Fit Dual Comfort Mattress (78 X 60 X 6 Inches):

Another well-rated product in the market, the Wake-Fit Dual Comfort Mattress is made of high-density foam, which means more durability, less motion transfer, and better support to the body.

What we love about this mattress is that it comes with a reversible feature, meaning that it has both, a hard and a soft surface on either sides. You can simply switch them as per your requirements and weather conditions. The hard surface is better suited for winters whereas the softer side is ideal for the hot summers. Note that the soft side is medium soft and the hard side is medium firm.

The Wake-Fit Dual Comfort mattress boasts of a large cell size. This implies a better airflow, thereby maintaining an ideal temperature to keep you feeling cool and comfortable while you’re asleep.

Though this mattress is available at a reasonable price point, it is only available online. Furthermore, a few users have reported that contrary to the company’s claim, the soft side is too soft and the hard side is medium soft, practically making one of the surfaces abortive.

Having said that, it is still a very good product and one of the very few to offer a 100-nights free trial period so you can always take a call after using it. Also, you get a 10-years warranty on the product.

If you like the idea of a reversible mattress, you can also check out the Dreamzee Ortho-Back Memory Foam Mattress. This mattress has various layers including a cushioning layer and a support layer, offering medium firmness.

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3. Kurl-On Dream Sleep 6-Inch Spring Mattress:

If you love mattresses with a certain level of bounciness to them, the Kurl-On Dream Sleep spring mattress is worth considering.

This mattress is mostly made up of ‘high-tensile bonnel’ springs and is sufficiently comfortable for most people. The springs sheathed with ‘Thermo bond felt’ which protects the mattress from any kind of fissures which generally occur in spring mattresses with prolonged usage. This mattress also has a PU foam layer on top of the springs to ensure more support and comfort.

Kurl-On offers Kurlopedic technology that is meant to take care of your spine by providing better alignment. It also ensures elimination of any microbes, dust mites, and bed bugs, which can be quite an annoyance to users.

You maybe happy to know that Kurl-On is one of the best-selling mattress brands in India and therefore, their products are available in most of the ‘home & lifestyle’ retail stores across the country. They even customize the size and type of the mattress at the outlets. However, this service is not available online.

With this mattress, you get a 1-year free replacement period and 5 years’ warranty on the product.

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4. Coir Fit Health Boom 4.5-Inch Coir Mattress (78 X 60 Inches):

Prefer a firmer mattress? Check out the Coir Fit Health Boom mattress. This product is primarily made with extra firm active bond material (by means of ‘rebotech’ technology) while also offering ample comfort and spine support.

The mattress is a highly affordable one that offers a lot of value for money. It does not retain heat like the foam or memory foam mattresses, thereby allowing your body to stay cool and comfortable throughout the night. It also boasts of a ‘pressure-relieving’ feature so you don’t wake up with any kind of pain. That said, if you suffer from severe back pain problems and tend to sleep on your side, this mattress may not be the best choice for you as it does not possess any body conforming abilities.

The only two downsides of this mattress are that – i) It does not have a very long life since it is made of coir. ii) It is not suitable for heavier people as its thickness is about 4.5 inches.

Note that you get a 11-year warranty on the product in case of any manufacturing defect.

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5. Wink & Nod Emperia Cool Gel Memory Foam & Latex Mattress:

Wink & Nod is one of our personal favorites of all the mattress making companies. Their mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified and are made using OEKO-TEX standard hypoallergenic grade materials. If you suffer from any kind of muscle pain, this mattress is surely worth your attention. You’ll soon find out why.

This particular mattress is a hybrid one with a thickness of 8 inches that makes it suitable for everyone, irrespective of their weight. It is made up of 3 layers, along with a ‘hyper-cooling’ removable cover. 1.5 inch of its layer is made of a gel-infused memory foam, another 1.5 inch is made of latex, and the remaining 5 inches consists of high-density foam that offers excellent support to combat orthopedic problems. The outer cover is made of bamboo fiber and has a zipper, making it convenient to wash.

Since it is made of two of the most durable materials – foam and latex, this mattress can last for as long as 8 years. Also, it doesn’t push you up too much, thereby giving you greater comfort. What’s more? It boasts of a larger cell size, which means that it facilitates greater airflow, therefore keeping you cool while you sleep.

The Wink & Nod Emperia mattress has a DIY-type assembly method. What we really like is that it comes with a welcome kit. All you need to do is place the box next to your bed, then set the rolled up mattress onto your bed frame and take off the plastic cover, fan it out and get rid of the inner plastic cover using the cutting tool provided; and voila!

Note that Wink & Nod mattresses are not usually available in retail outlets, hence online purchasing is the best way to go about it. Not too sure about that? Don’t worry, they offer a 100-day free trial period.

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6. Sleepyhead 3 Layered Medium Firm:

Yet another hot-seller online, the Seepyhead memory foam mattress is a medium firm one with a thickness of 6 inches.

It consists of 3 layers including comfort foam, responsive memory foam, and support foam. The first layer as the name suggests, provides immense comfort, the second layer ensures pressure relieving and even weight distribution, and a third breathable layer made of high-density foam guarantees orthopaedic support.

The mattress also comes with an outer fabric that you can easily remove for cleaning purposes.

Much like the Wink & Nod mattress, this product also sends along a safety cutter tool to unbox the mattress. You also get a 100-nights free trial period to be completely sure about the mattress and then make a decision.

If you’re someone who likes their mattress to have ample bounciness, motion isolation, and medium firmness, do watch out for this product.

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7. Springtek Ortho Pocket Spring 6-Inch Mattress:

Springtek is a very well-rated brand that boasts of some of the best reviews online. Their Ortho Pocket Spring mattress is primarily made of pocket springs and high density foam with medium firmness. This makes it a hybrid mattress.

Normally, mattresses made of open coils have a poor motion isolation ability. If you sleep with a partner and tend to move around a lot in the bed, it would disturb your partner greatly. However, pocket springs are different in that they are encased in individual pockets, thereby working or moving separately. Pocket springs also offer a lot more support compared to open springs.

That said, low quality pocket springs can impact the level of support to a great extent. But don’t fret! This mattress has a high spring system that is layered with ‘high tenacity non woven fabric’. What’s more? It has a high-quality foam encasement on the edges for that luxurious feel.

The only downside of this mattress is that it does not offer body contouring as well as in a memory foam mattress.

That aside, users have reported that Springtek has an excellent customer service team that addresses any issue very promptly.

As far as warranty is concerned, you get 6 years in case of any manufacturing defect.

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8. Foams India Latex Portable Mattress:

If space is a huge constraint, then look no further than the Natural Latex mattress from the house of Foams India. This one is a best-seller, and for good reason.

As the title suggests, this mattress is made of natural latex that is extremely comfortable to sleep on. It is quite ideal for anyone suffering from back or neck problems as it also offers a higher degree of support to the body. Though it is soft, you’ll find that your body does not get a ‘sinking’ feeling that you normally get with mattresses made of foam/memory foam.

The best part is that this mattress is quite reasonable and can be folded and stored away when not in use. It also has anti-microbial properties and comes with a washable cover that protects the mattress from dust. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, latex mattresses are far more durable compared to coir or spring mattresses.

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Notable Mentions –

Due to space constraints, we’d like to recommend you to check out a few other good quality mattresses under this section.

9. Urban Ladder Dreamlite 8-inch (foam and bonnel spring)

10. Flo Ergo – Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress (for more comfort)

11. Shagun 4-inch Foam Mattress (budget option)

Our Buyer’s Guide-

1. Type Of Mattress:

Coir Mattresses:

Available exclusively in India, coir mattresses are usually made of ‘coconut coir’ which are super environmental-friendly and firm. They are great for those on a tight budget, those who sleep on their stomach, and those who hate to be disturbed due to their partner’s movements as coir mattresses resist motion transfer.

The downside of coir mattress is that it can be a tad uncomfortable, is not very long-lasting, and bad for those who suffer from back pain. Keep in mind that this type of mattress needs to be replaced after every 5 years as the coir keeps getting pressed, thereby changing its shape

Spring/Coil Mattresses:

Spring mattress is a worthy upgrade from a coir mattress owing to the springs or coils which allow it to retain its shape despite years of pressure. This type of mattress provides slightly more comfort with its bouncy nature, along with a better durability of up to 6 years.

However, it is still not good enough if you’re looking for that ultimate comfort. Also, spring mattresses do transfer some motion.

That said, a few manufacturers have started making Hybrid Mattresses, in order to offer more comfort and less motion transfer. Hybrid mattresses are a combination of foam and spring mattress; that way, you get the best of both worlds

Foam & Memory Foam Mattresses:

Foam mattresses are perhaps the most popular of the lot. These mattresses are great for those who are prone to back pain. They can last for up to 8 years if maintained well. Foam mattresses are especially ideal for those who live in cold countries as they tend to retain heat, thanks to the ‘solid support cores’. However, the same can work against those who live in hot or humid regions as it can make you sweat more.

Foam mattresses are extremely comfortable while also preventing motion transfer. The only disappointments are that these mattresses are expensive compared to the ones mentioned above and also, your body tends to sink into them a lot.

Memory foam mattresses are also made of foam, except that it has an added advantage of learning your pressure points. They do so by means of an ‘open cell structure’ that holds fast the pressure even after you’re off the bed.

Memory foam mattress is great for side sleepers as it can contour as per the body shape. It is also free of allergens by virtue of a chemical known as ‘polyurethane’ that is contained in the foam.

A downside of foam mattresses in general is that they’re too soft and can sag eventually. Therefore, they don’t offer the best support to the spine. They’re also not the best for those who have a habit of tossing and turning a lot in bed. Moreover, they can make you feel really hot.

Nowadays, you also get “gel pads” or “gel mattresses” to beat the heating factor in plain foam/memory foam mattresses. In the latter, heat gets trapped due to lack of air circulation. However, the former allows for more breathability and cooling.

Also, gel mattresses tend to eliminate the ‘stuck’ feeling that is often associated with conventional foam mattresses as it bounces back to its original shape and molds the body in a new position way faster.

Re-Bonded Foam Mattresses:

As the title suggests, re-bonded foam mattress is made of foam, but from shreds of restored foam. They are glued together using compression and are a better choice compared to coir mattresses given the added cushioning.

This type of mattress is good for those suffering from shoulder pain. It offers the kind of bounciness you find in spring mattresses, but without a lot of motion transfer. The best part? They’re not very expensive since they’re made from scraps.

Two cons to keep in mind are that re-bonded foam mattresses can be toxic for children and they’re also highly inflammable. Also, you may seldom find them in a retail store and will have to purchase them online. In case you do purchase it online, make sure that it is CertiPUR-US certified.

Latex Mattresses:

Mostly made from rubber (and occasionally from synthetic materials), along with poly-foam and other materials, latex mattresses are great for those who prefer some bounciness along with a high body conforming ability. This type of mattress is not as hot as a foam mattress and keeps away allergens, dust, and mildew of sorts.

Latex mattresses are ideal for those who suffer from back or shoulder pain as it offers ‘pressure point relief’. Furthermore, they transfer minimal motion and are extremely long-lasting.

The only two cons are that they are very expensive and cannot be found very easily in retail stores.

Innerspring and Pillow Top Mattresses:

Innerspring mattresses are usually made of 3 different layers – i) The Base – consists of wool, ii) The Core – made of regular coils or encased/Marshall coils (better body contouring), and iii) The Upholstery/Comfort layer – made of either fibers, foam, or latex for cushioning.

These mattresses are also quite popular and are generally firmer compared to memory foam mattresses, thereby eliminating the feeling of ‘sinking’. They’re also much cooler, making it the ideal choice for those who tend to sweat a lot. That said, they do transfer motion to a considerable degree.

Pillow Top Mattresses are a variation of innerspring mattresses, in that they have an additional top upholstery layer for that extra cushioning and comfort. Note that these can also be made as a hybrid version using foam or latex mattresses


As the name suggests, airbed mattresses are inflatable and portable beds that can be used as an extra mattress for guests whenever required. You can deflate them and store them away when not required. They’re super light, comfortable, and beneficial to people who suffer from lumbar pain or are bedridden.

Since these mattresses are only filled with air, you can reduce or increase the amount of air inside in order to make it softer and bouncier or firmer as per your preference.

The only downside of airbed mattress is that they’re extremely prone to punctures. But if taken care of well, they can last really long.

Adjustable Mattresses:

Perhaps the most flexible one of the lot, adjustable mattresses or beds allow you to tweak the sleeping position by lowering or elevating the height of a part of the mattresses where you will place your head and neck.

This is suitable for those who want an added convenience or suffer from a medical condition that requires them to sleep in a slightly elevated sleeping position.

2. Mattress Size:

Despite a few differences in the mattress sizes available in India and in the US, the standard ones that you get include single, double, queen, and king size. Show  10 25 50 100  entries Search: Mattress TypeSizeSuitable ForSingle Mattress72 x 36 inches to 75 x 36 inchesChildrenDouble Mattress72 x 48 inches to 75 x 60 inchesTwo average sized adultsQueen Size Mattress72 x 60 inches and 78 x 60 inchesTwo tall adultsKing Size Mattress72 x 72 inches to 78 x 72 inchesTwo tall adults & a child Showing 1 to 4 of 4 entries PreviousNext

Sometimes, you may even find a ‘California King Mattress’ size (72 x 84 inches) that is even larger compared to king sized mattresses. These are best for large rooms and couples who need a lot of sleeping space.

Note that despite the aforementioned standard sizes, you can also get your mattress tailor-made as per your bed size, shape, and preferences.

3. Sleeping Styles:

Everyone has a dominant sleeping style. Some like to sleep on their side, some sleep on their stomachs, while many others sleep on their backs.

Side sleepers put most of their body weight on one side. Therefore, they would require a mattress that supports and aligns their spine, neck, and shoulders, perfectly well. The mattress that is most suitable for them is one that is soft, offering a good deal of body contouring. Side sleepers should definitely avoid spring mattresses due to their bounciness.

Stomach sleepers would naturally apply more pressure on the mattress. The ideal mattress for them is one which offers enough firmness and support to avoid waking up with a sore back. Foam or memory foam mattresses are generally a good choice as aside from the aforementioned qualities, they also offer decent body contouring.

Back sleepers, similar to stomach sleepers, would be pushing all their weight directly onto the mattress. However, given their position, they would also require a better neck and spine alignment. They should opt for hybrid mattresses, which are neither too soft, not too firm, while offering enough comfort and support.

4. Mattress For Back Pain:

The number of people who suffer from chronic back (and neck) pain are plentiful. A wrong choice of mattress can intensify the pain the next day and you may even end up with a stiff neck. For you folks, its best to go for a mattress that is soft and comfortable enough to contour your body while also being firm enough to give you ample support. Foam, memory foam, and latex mattresses are your best bet.

5. Mattress For Kids:

It is important that kids get sound sleep. Not only is it beneficial for them, but also, who wants to deal with all that crankiness? Though kids have a variety of cushions to choose from, its best to opt for latex mattresses as they are extremely comfortable and safe at the same time. Avoid any type of foam mattresses as they are normally filled with Polyurethane, which can be quite dangerous to inhale if released into the air.

6. Mattress For Heavy People:

Anyone who weighs over 75 kilos knows how painful and uncomfortable it can be to sleep on a relatively thin, bouncy, or hot mattress. Us heavier folks need thicker mattresses (8” to 10”), more firmness, and a temperature neutral mattress such as a gel or a latex one.

7. Mattress For Pregnant Women:

It is said that pregnant ladies must ideally sleep on their left side as it increases blood circulation while putting minimum pressure on the liver. Pregnant women must choose medium firm mattresses that’s made of either plain foam or memory foam.

8. Mattress For Couples:

Though there isn’t any “right” mattress for couples, it is recommended that you select a mattress that possesses a high motion isolation quality in order to prevent any kind of disturbance to your partner from all the tossing and turning. Memory foam and latex mattresses would be a good choice whereas coil mattresses would be a disaster.


No matter which mattress you choose, always keep in mind the aspects mentioned under our buying guide. Also, whenever possible, always try the mattress before you make the investment. Note that most of the mattress brands mentioned in our list, offer warranties and trial periods for your convenience. Also, they’re all mostly available in various sizes as mentioned under the buying guide.

We hope that this article will help you in narrowing down your selection and buying a suitable mattress for yourself and your family


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