Best Leg Massage Machine: Make Your Feet Comfortable

Many times, people get stressed for whatever reason in various parts of the body, and one of such parts is the leg. The leg after being used for quite some time, either when placed in an uncomfortable position, or put under pressure, starts expressing discomfort, and the best way to get rid of it is to go for a massage. Now, it doesn’t mean you need a masseur to help you relieve the tension in your bones, as a leg massage machine can do the job.

A leg massage machine, also called Foot massager is a device designed with appropriate features that will replace the work of a masseur to help reduce tension in the feet. They are cost-effective and are often in different forms and sizes, but their sole function is performed. Other functions of a foot massager include; it helps in the alleviation of pain, improvement in blood circulation, replenishing of lost energy and calming the entire body.

Due to uncountable health benefits, leg or foot massager have become imperative for people. However, with a multitude of options available in the market, finding the best leg massager online becomes a stressful task. To ease the task, today we will go through a detailed guide on types of leg massage machines, advantages, buying guide. Frequently asked questions and the top 6 best leg massager machine. This will help you in making the right choice.

Top 6 Leg Massage Machine

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price Lifelong LLM81 Foot Massager  Our Pick 4.1/5   HealthSense LM 310 Heal Touch Foot Massager Best Relief 4.0/5   Powermax Fitness Foot and Knee Massager  Best Overall 3.8/5   Arg Health Care Foot Massager Best for the aged 4.5/5   Healthgenie Foot and Leg Massager Best for Deep Kneading 5.0/5   HealthSense LM 350 Leg and Foot Massager  Best Rollers 4.1/5  

Advantages Of Using A Leg Massage Machine

There are a lot of advantages attached to using a leg massage machine. Inasmuch as we would like to point them out, it is essential that we describe people who should be in dire need of it. These people below will have greater benefits from the machine;

  • People with low blood circulation in the legs: As part of the functions of a foot massager, it enhances blood circulation to areas where they are not enough in the body. Anyone who has this issue can try out any of the three massagers available.
  • Individuals with joint, bone, muscular problemsThe effects of a massager go way beyond the outer surface; the inner structures are affected too. The joints, bones, and muscles are restored back to full order, and they can be used like they always have been. This is a good benefit to people facing these problems, especially the aged.
  • Runners: Runners are expected to face some issues since their feet are the main point of action. After a successful long run, a leg massage machine seems to be the best way to calm the nerves, reduce tension and pain. Any good runner would always have to massage his or her leg one way or the other using a massager.
  • People with leg arthritis: Lastly, leg arthritis is very detrimental to health, bearing that movement becomes restricted, and daily activities will be activated. Arthritis is a common phenomenon among older people, and if there is an effective way to alleviate the pain caused by sore muscles and joints, it is with a massage. It reduces stiffness in such area also, making it easy to move from one location to another without problems; however, massager use should be consistent.

Types Of Leg Massage Machine

There are a lot of foot massagers out there, with each of them classified into the three main types. In this review, the forms and mode of operation they come as, is what makes them dynamic, and they include;

Electric Leg Massage Machine

This is a type of foot massager that works using power coming from electricity, and that means its mode of operation is automatic, i.e., has a switch or remote control. However, it makes use of rollers in the machine or an oscillating mechanism to enhance the massage effect that works on the legs. They are designed into various structures and functions, such that; while one works directly on certain parts of the foot, other works on the tissues of the entire foot.

Manual Leg Massager

Manual leg massager is quite different, and more like the opposite of electric massage machine in terms of power. It doesn’t make use of electricity; instead, a traditional mechanism is in which the feet are placed over the massager and rolled simultaneously. This manual massager allows you to localize, and concentrate the legs so that tensioned parts of the legs are massaged effectively.

Foot Spa Massager

Foot spa, on the other hand, is a different kind of leg massager because they make use of heat and water for therapeutic effects. The heat is generated by electricity, and when the legs are placed into it, these effects are experienced. It is great for the alleviation of leg pain, as well as to ease the tension around the joints and muscles.  

Buying Guide: What You Should Consider?

Here in this section, we will look at some things you should consider before picking the best leg massager for circulation. There are different brands and types available, especially those with 5-star ratings; however, it is possible you get curious on why one is better than other, even though they perform the same function, and have similar features. Below are factors you should consider before picking your preferred choice;

Power/Mode of Operation

The power or mode of operation is an essential factor that is worthy of consideration because it determines how you are going to use the device to your advantage.

Now, knowing that there are three types of massagers, in which one works using electricity, the other uses manual rolling, and the last involves heat application; therefore, you should pick one that is convenient and suitable in your home.

So far, so good, the electric leg massage machine has been the most effective type using an automatic mechanism, and it is also the commonest leg massager on the market, it will be useful to opt-in for it.

Cushion surface

Placing your feet comfortably on a surface while the machine does its job is bliss. Some of these machines, especially electric ones have been designed with cushion surfaces where you can place your feet while the massager works around the tissues, joints, and muscles.

People don’t like being put into discomfort because that is another pain on its own, while you are trying to get rid of one. Therefore, looking out for a cushioned surface in a massage machine which can be soft foam or plastic pads, is important and not just any type, but one that is comfortable, free, and enhances maximum performance while work is being done.

Control Options

Also, the control options are essential features you should look out for especially when you are faced with a tough decision on what to pick between two or more electric massage machine.

They often come with various control options which are either on the side, bottom or aided by a remote. For those on the side or bottom, just while you bend, you can see them, and make use of them to enhance the performance or make adjustments on your machine. Those that use the remote control are even advanced because it is done at your convenience by pressing one or two keys.


The structure is another thing that most buyers always try to consider when buying any of the best leg massage machines on e-commerce websites. The structure can also be said to be the design, in which the ergonomics is a thing worthy of consideration.

Some have been designed so that you can use them while you sit, and others while you lay down. You must discover which is suitable for you, bearing in mind that they still get the job done, regardless of their structure and positioning. We would always like buyers to take this seriously because it goes a long way.

Heat application

Everyone knows the benefits attached to using heat therapy; it helps in the quick alleviation of pain, as well as relaxing important parts of the body. Therefore, getting a model of a leg massager that produces heat alongside its massaging effect is going to be very incredible.

This means you have a more versatile machine than you can ever imagine. This way, you don’t have to spend separate money on massaging, as well getting heat therapy. In fact, if you don’t want to get an electric massage machine with these functions, the foot spa is a better alternative that is even appreciated more than the former.


It is either the machine has one or more speed; this is another factor that should be on your mind if you want a good massage machine that will work effectively. These speeds are there in order to control the operation of the machines to either to a maximum or a minimum level.

However, those with more speed limits either have two or three speed modes, depending on the model and brand that manufactured them. There is an additional thing to consider with the speeds, and that is the availability of a pad or non-slip material at the bottom of the massager to hold user steadfast when at the maximum limit.


Lastly, the most important of all factors is Cost. We believe this is something everyone considers before buying anything, not only massager. The cost tells you how to prepare your budget, and what to add or subtract. If you have a very tight budget, chances are that you may want to go for a simpler leg massage machine; however, if your budget is wide enough, even the most expensive ones will please.

Once, you consider this factor, you can now process with others such as power, control options, etc. Some people believe the lower the cost, the lesser the features; this may not be true because all machines have their own best features that beat others.

Advanced Features

At the end of it all, the advanced features present are also important, especially with the fact that they contribute to the efficiency of the machine. Advanced features such as LED display, wheels for movement, and a cord or cordless tech for connection are of immense value to users. Most people would like to look at this before making decisions.

1. Lifelong LLM81 Foot Massager – Our Pick

Lifelong Foot Massager looks very beautiful, if you have to judge by how it looks; it has a neat body, and sound features. It is a massager designed to mainly reduce fatigue, and enhance blood circulation to areas where they are short of in the legs. It comes with rubber kneading pads that are very flexible in which their function is to act as a real massager and speed up heat therapy.

It also has one of the most potent motors running at a 40 W Power and has an automatic shut feature which is activated after 15 minutes of massage to prevent overheating.

It works on the basis of reflexology which makes sure proper weight loss and good skin condition is achieved. Its overall best feature is the maximum temperature at which it operates; a temperature of 45 degrees which is equivalent to that of a regular massager.

In addition to many things it does, it helps in the reduction of tension around the foot, moving to sensitive areas. It is very easy to handle, and highly versatile because it can work on other parts of the body including the shoulders. In essence, Lifelong foot massager is a top rated foot massager that works well for all age groups while being comfortable. Main Features

  • LED display with touch button
  • Washable fabric cover
  • 4-flexible kneading disks
  • Ultra-powerful copper motor
  • Rapid rotation

PROS (What we liked)

  • Useful in the alleviation of pain, and reduction of tension
  • Body is very sleek
  • Highly durable and versatile
  • Motor enhances great performance
  • Good ergonomics
  • Shuts off automatically to prevent heating up
  • Very easy to use
  • Good value for money
  • Adjustable and customizable
  • Helps to get rid of sprain, pains and also improve circulation of blood

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • Short warranty period

2. HealthSense LM 310 Heal Touch Foot Massager – Best Relief

Healthsense is also another brand that manufactures the best of health products, and with their massager, they have helped a lot of lives. This the top foot massager with some features that hasn’t been seen before, and this makes it one of the best reviewed in this article. It has an advanced system called the Bipedal reflexology system to help in the massaging of both feet effectively till the pain is gone, and tension released.

For a full leg massage, they touch even the vital areas of the leg and create a form of sensitivity to awaken dead muscles, and weak joints. In addition, it goes ahead to massage symptomatic acupuncture areas to a point where they are free, and complete relief is achieved. On the structure, and design, it comes in a convex-concave form, so that all round massage can be done, and this is one unique characteristic it possesses.

Part of its impressive features are the remote control and the micro-computed LED control panel which are used to operate massager, as well as adjust settings, and enhance smooth operation respectively.

It uses an automatic mechanism in such a way that after 15 minutes of massage, the machine turns off itself to prevent overheating of the system. Lastly, it provides heat therapy so that gentle warmth can reach the legs, and help in the circulation of blood. Main Features

  • Tetra operational massage
  • Remote control
  • LED visibility
  • 3-massage mode
  • 360-degree rotation angle
  • Three speed/intensity levels

PROS (What we liked)

  • Helps in the proper circulation of blood
  • Various massage techniques to provide comfort
  • Works automatically
  • Easy to control
  • Uses an advance technology system
  • Manufacture by one of the top health brands
  • Versatile in operation
  • Efficient and highly durable

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • Foot roller takes too much space
  • Heat option gets ineffective

3. Powermax Fitness Foot and Knee Massager – Best Overall

This is a foot massager with a difference because of its sleek look, advanced features, and properties. It comes with other benefits besides being a massager, and one of them is heat therapy which is beneficial for people who need them. It is a shiatsu massager with optimal artful design with different colors, but the standard color available on the market is brown.

Powermax Fitness electric massager comes with features such as; 16 sets of air compression, three kneading rollers that do most of the feet massage, and a form of angular rotation to meet some essential parts of the leg like the ankles, knees, etc. Also, the heat therapy is aided by the carbon cloth heater which is maintained at a particular temperature. It is an incredible machine that most people, such as runners, diabetic and arthritis patients should use because of its benefits.

In addition to its impressive features, it has wide wheels for mobility, as well double level sleeve that is flexible which isn’t something you find in most modern foot massagers today. It also uses a mechanism called the 3D roller calf which is an advantage for the calves and feet muscles; this is done via a circular rotation to give a soothing effect. Powermax electric massager is indeed great, and it comes with 1-year warranty which is cool. Main Features

  • Infrared heat therapy
  • Wheels
  • 1-year warranty
  • Carbon cloth
  • 3 kneading rollers
  • Detachable fabric cover
  • 140-degree rotation effect

PROS (What we liked)

  • An incredible machine used to reduce pressure built against the foot, and leg generally
  • Enhances flexibility of the muscles
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Provides additional benefits, i.e., the heat therapy
  • An outstanding design which attracts buyers
  • Fashioned into 3 intensity levels, 5 programs, and 17 massage options
  • Kept at a constant temperature for heat effects
  • Legs are protected with the aid of the airbags present

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • Warranty is short

4. Arg Health Care Foot Massager – Best for the aged

Looking for an automatic machine that runs smoothly for the alleviation of pain, and reduction of stress around the feet, then Arg Health Massage machine should be appropriate. This machine is also effective for other health-related issues like diabetes, arthritis, weak muscles, etc., and it is an ideal choice for the aged. Contributing to the automatic mechanism of this machine, it has a 15 minutes cut-off which is unlike what we see in modern massagers.

It can be used in any location or position, and that is why we commend the ergonomics of being impressive. With the aid of the rubber kneading pads, you can press your weak muscles against them for strength. Also, it comes with feet rollers as usual which are great features for leg massage, as well as improving blood circulation around the foot.

What impresses people the most again is the lightweight and portable body which makes it easy to carry around without getting stressed or tired. It is even easy to operate, i.e., no technical know-how whatsoever is required before the machine can be put to use. In short, it consumes low electricity, and operates using the handy touch-panel control to make adjustments; a remote control comes as an additional feature to support this mechanism. Main Features

  • 4 Programs
  • Remote control
  • Auto cut-off
  • 40W AC power
  • Lightweight and portable body
  • Fancy design

PROS (What we liked)

  • Suitable to use on all parts of the legs, including the knees and the calves
  • Uses an automatic working mechanism
  • Can be controlled in two super effective ways
  • Consumes low electricity
  • Very easy to assemble and operate
  • An ideal choice for the aged
  • Relieves muscle tension, and enhance blood circulation
  • Strengthens the muscle, improves balance and stability

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • No heat option available
  • No manual; sometimes, people don’t find it easy to operate even though it’s pretty simple.

5. Healthgenie Foot and Leg Massager – Best for Deep Kneading

Healthgenie is a remarkable brand when it comes to manufacturing products relating to health. They have manufactured so many machines, and a massage machine is one of them with great characteristics, and fantastic features to help people who have issues with the leg, and would love a leg massage. The massage machine was specially designed for the alleviation of pain, and it allows the user to do both the calf and foot massage at the same time.

This is a machine that can be used by both women and men, and it performs one of many duties of enhancing blood circulation in the leg if there is an issue. It has several vibration modes, but most importantly, it has 3 kneading modes which all work effectively to make the leg better. Although the kneading is a deeper one, it does it in such a way that massaging becomes more intense, making it possible to soothe, and relieve tight muscles.

In addition to what it does, it has heat functions too, which means heat therapy (gentle warmth) is guaranteed for anyone who needs one. There is not much about the control features of this machine, but if one thing is sure, it is that adjustments and settings are easy. Healthgenie massage machine makes a good solution after a long, stressful day at work. Main Features

  • 3 kneading modes
  • Lightweight body
  • Durable material

PROS (What we liked)

  • Made from one of the top dominating brands on the market
  • Enhances quick rejuvenation and alleviation of pain
  • Uses several vibration modes for topnotch performance
  • Strong massaging of joints and muscles is guaranteed
  • Quite durable
  • Promotes good blood circulation around the legs
  • Produces gentle warmth as a part of heat therapy
  • Treats both the foot ankle and the foot at the same time

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • Seen as an average product with few but great features

6. HealthSense LM 350 Leg and Foot Massager – Best Rollers

Another product from Healthsense is the HealthSense LM Leg and Foot Massager which is pretty simple, but has fantastic properties to make the leg better, and back to full activity. It massages the leg stereotypically to a point where the acupuncture locations are affected, and the entire leg becomes back to normal. It even uses another massage technique called the wrap-squeeze for immediate relief and alleviation of pain.

The unique thing about this machine is the ultra-powerful rollers which can do as much as delivering reflexology to the sole of the foot, as well as the heels and arch. It can even extend higher to a point where effects of the massage can be felt around the upper parts of the leg. Also, there is an opportunity to adjust the machine to any suitable mode, intensity or speed; all for maximum performance.

Additionally, it makes use of 3 massage modes which is quite standard, and this means it really works well on the feet. However, to reduce overheating, it comes with an automatic shut-off system which is being activated after 15 minutes of massage time. Lastly, there are removable sleeve inserts that can be washed to ensure proper hygiene and maintenance. Main Features

  • Removable fabric covers
  • 3-massage modes
  • Flexible speed and intensity
  • 1-year warranty

PROS (What we liked)

  • Avoids overheating by activating some features
  • Proper hygiene is maintained
  • Works at maximum performance
  • The effect reaches all parts of the leg, including the upper parts
  • Relief time is quick and instant
  • Rollers are ultra-powerful and they get the job done
  • Simple, but sleek in structure and design

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • Warranty period is short
  • No heat therapy is available
  • Reports of machine being reduced in quality after 3 months

Frequently Asked Questions

While we may be picking out some of the best machines, having questions raised is inevitable. Some of these questions need answers to either what they are used for, or who they are used for.

Below are some of the questions people ask often, and with them are our replies; however, bear in mind that some of these answers may not be applicable at all times, especially when it comes to critical scenarios.

1. How often should someone use a leg massage machine before it works?

Generally, there is no limit to how long you can use a leg massager because it works for different purposes, and for different people. However, a leg massage machine should only be used once if the situation is not that critical, maybe when you feel a little pain; once, it is done, the user should rest, and let the feet be restored to a perfect condition.

In a critical situation, two or three times in a day is good, till you feel a lot better than before you started using the machine. So, different application for different people, and different cases.

2. What is the best foot massage machine for someone who stands for long hours?

There are some set of people who stand for long hours because of the nature of their job. They get tired when they eventually get the time to sit and relax, and what better way can they do that by using a leg massage machine, and enjoy a nice rest.

Although, the choice of massager is important because not all massage machine work for the same purpose. For instance, for someone who has been standing for long hours, a Shiatsu leg massage machine is the most appropriate because of its features and relieving properties. Therefore, if you fall into this category, shop for a Shiatsu foot massager.

3. Is a leg massage machine good for diabetics?

People suffering from diabetes are likely to face some critical health moments, and using any help they can get can go a long way. One vital function of a massager is to enhance blood circulation, another is to relieve stress; diabetic patients may face any of these two conditions, and the leg massage machine may seem to be one quick help. In fact, doctors always advise these patients to get them anyway, so they can witness an improvement in their health. So, Yes, it is good for diabetics.

4. Is a leg massage machine good for pregnant women?

If there is a set of people that should be careful on the use of leg massage machine, it should be the pregnant women. Now, we all know how massagers are great for reducing swelling, and enhancing relaxation; when it comes to pregnant women, the swelling of the leg should be treated with slight massage, and not the use of electric leg massage machine.

It is not safe, and it is pertinent that you discuss with your doctor first if you fall into this category. If he or she asks you to use it, then you can go ahead, but if otherwise, abstain.


Many people find it so hard to make a choice when it comes to buying important items online or in the physical market. They believe recommendations of others, rather than going for a product of their choice. rom the top

However, people should understand when it comes to products like a massage machine for the leg, what may work for others may not work for them; therefore, it is important they take the bold step and choose what is best for them.

In this leg massage machine review, we have successfully handpicked and reviewed 8 of the best leg massage machines we have, and discussed them under description, appearance, features, pros and cons. Each of these products have their own specialty, and it would be great if buyers check, alongside the buying guide before buying any of them. In addition to our classifications, there is a need to categorize these 8 best leg massage machines into three groups on the basis of their price.

We have;

High-Range Leg Massage MachinePowermax Fitness Foot and Leg Massager, HealthSense LM 350 Leg and Foot Massager

Mid-Range Leg Massage Machine: HealthSense LM 310 Heal-Touch Foot Massager and Healthgenie Foot & Leg Massager,

Low-Range Leg Massage MachineArg Health Care Foot Massager Machine, Lifelong LLM81 Foot Massager.

After this classification, we bring to you our favorite choice from each of the categories;

  • For the high-range leg massage machine, Powermax Fitness Foot and Leg Massager is our pick because it comes at an expensive price, but its quality and features are unmatched.
  • For the mid-range leg massage machine, we picked HealthSense LM 310 Heal-Touch Foot Massager because it is exactly what people expect from a massager
  • For the low-range leg massage machine, our choice of Best foot massager on Amazon is Lifelong LLM81 Foot Massager because it comes at an affordable price, and still offers great functions most expensive ones offer.

In conclusion, we have satisfactorily reviewed some of the best leg massage machine to you, and it is our joy if you critically look into them before buying any foot massager from any brand on the market. While you may want to make your choice, ensure you consider the buying guide, and be sure what you are choosing eventually is what you want for your legs. Enjoy a stress-free body!


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